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A nose or a perfumer works either on a free creation or on a specific brief. In both cases, he starts on a theme, a landscape or an emotion ... that will enable him to imagine a fragrance. He will then translate his impressions in reference to natural essences (a rose on wood background for example) or more complex odours, that he will decrypt to find their chemical compounds (synthetic).

He will then organize his formula with the top notes, heart notes and base notes. He will test the formulas several times, changing proportions, increasing or decreasing essences ... Until the formula is appropriate for the initial brief. The formula is then measured in grams and ready for production! A formula is composed of essences : they may be natural or synthetic raw materials.


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A fragrance is composed of:

  • Top notes: they are fresh and volatile essences, that are perceived immediately.
  • Heart notes: they are the strongest essences that characterize the scent, they are perceived a few minutes after spraying.
  • Base notes: they are the ’base’ essences, which will allow the strength and sustainability of the fragrance, they are perceived approximately 1 hour after spraying.