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Answer the following questions to discover your olfactory profile and our perfume recommendation:

1- What is your favorite season?

a) Summer
b) Spring
c) Fall
d) Winter

2 - What is your favorite color?

a) Blue
b) Yellow
c) beige
d) White

3 - Which element inspires you?

a) Air
b) Water
c) Fire
d) Ground

4 - Among these places, where would you like to go?

a) Tahiti
b) Australia
c) Canada
d) Lapland

5 - Two adjectives to define you?

a) Happy and sparkling
b) Romantic and luminous
c) Mysterious and daring
d) Elegant and sensual

You have a maximum of a) answers

You are tonic and joyful; choose a perfume with refreshing and sunny notes. Enjoy a Fruity or Citrus scent ... It will reveal your happiness!

You have a maximum of b) answers

You are romantic, delicate, you like classic and timeless things. Enjoy a Floral or Aromatic fragrance....It will reveal your sweetness!

You have a maximum of c) answers

You are daring and seductive, an Oriental fragrance will make you shine ... It will reveal your sensuality!

You have a maximum of d) answers

You are mysterious and distinguished, enjoy a Woody or Chypre fragrance…It will reveal your charisma !